A 5.1b Portfolio Project Design Brief

The following is a hypothetical design brief drafted from a fictional toy company. The brief requests a design for a safe-to-use bug catching kit that allows kids ages 8-12 to capture, study, store, and release insects in a safe manner.


Biospsire Toys, LLC.
Biospire Insect Catcher Design Brief
July 2015

  • Project Description
    • The Biospire Insect Catcher is a bug catcher for kids.
    • It will help them capture, study, and release bugs safely and in a way that doesn’t harm the insects.
    • It may or may not have electrical components.
    • It should have a magnifying component so that kids can see the insects up close and personal.
    • It should come in a kit with accessories for different kinds of bugs or different kinds of situations.
    • The accessories should not be floating but should nest or attach to the main body of the insect catcher.
    • The insect catcher should be rugged enough to use and be left outside.
    • It should be easy to clean, and all components that could possibly contain an insect should be completely see-through so that supervising adults can be sure that the catcher is empty before storing it away.
  • The purpose of the design, what the design is intended to do
    • Help inspire future entomologists
    • Allow kids to study insects closely
    • Get kids outside
    • Keep kids (and insects) safe as they study insects
  • The aim or goals of the design (e.g. generate sales, modify behavior)
    • Inspire the future leaders of entomology
    • Enable curious minds to study insects
    • Create the best, safest, best selling bug catcher on the market
    • Keep kids safe
    • Keep bugs safe
  • The target consumer, user, or audience for the design
    • Ages 8-12, boy or girl
    • Their parents
  • Any values or messages you want the design to communicate
    • Insects are crazy cool!
    • Sometimes insects are cool to look at, but sometimes it’s better not to touch them
    • Anyone can study insects
  • The context or operating conditions within which your design will function
    • The design will need to be sturdy enough to survive the treatment of a 6-year old, and leaving it outside all night or all day.
    • It will also need to be able to contain live insects in a way that keeps the insects alive, but prevents them from escaping.
  • Examples of existing similar designs
    • Discovery Kids Outdoor Adventure Bug Collector
  • Weather Wiz Kids Bug Collector Kit
  • Chad Valley Insect Catcher Kit 
  •  Timeframe for completion
    • 5 weeks
  • Any constraints or non-negotiables
    • Can’t break easily
    •  Can’t kill or injure the insects
    • Can’t let insects escape on their own
    • Leaving the toy outside can’t compromise the design.
    • Doesn’t need to be waterproof, but getting it wet shouldn’t break it
    • Easy to clean out